Penis Enlargement: The Answer Is All Natural

Well, more of a secret Science that is. Curiosity of the truth behind Penis Enlargement is as controversial and popular as any other enhancement topic, but since it is such an embarrassing problem that many men have contained it to themselves or found secret ways to resolve themselves.

The confounding truth is that,while others rely on Surgery, Pills, Suction devices or Contraptions, nothing currently on the market has a permanent effect on penis size. Here’s why :


  • Vacuum Devices – usually recommended to treat impotence. Pump is applied on the penis to force blood as what happens in erection,a ring is then applied to stop the blood from draining quickly. Penis enlargement will only last around 24 hours.
  • Surgery – penis is usually enlarged by just an inch
  • Dermal Implant – transplanting of fat cells to the penis.
  • Pills and Potions for Penis Enlargement – over the counter pills that promises men to have “unbelievable” results, but nothing really is. Most often than not, pills do work temporarily plus the embarassment everytime you buy those medications.


  • The system of Natural Penis Enlargement works the same way your penis grows during puberty. Naturally penis enlargement is achieved when the large chambers inside the penile shaft becomes filled with blood during erection. The sizeof the Penis is determined as to how much blood these chambers can hold.
  • The main goal and aim of natural penis enlargement is get these chambers take more blood. When this is achieved, Penis Enlargement is possible.


penis enlargement 4Most men who have small size penis feel less of a man and would do anything to increase the size and length of their penis no matter how costly or potentially risky in terms of side effects and complications.

Now all these statistical truths and the dangers of going through the knife or using unfamiliar potentially harmful devices can now be achieved through a Penis Enlargement Exercise Program.Here are the advantages of this technique :

  • Aside from being all natural, the effect is permanent
  • Lengthening of Erection
  • Thickening of Erection
  • Increase sexual libido
  • Achieve multiple orgasm
  • Get better sexual control
  • End Premature Ejaculation
  • Help correct minor curvature
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Increase Confidence Level

Penis Enlargement is a personal choice, but the choice has to come from a man who is willing to try it in a safe and regulated way. No dramas and no beating around the bush. It doesn’t need to be along list of manual or an expensive risky procedure. Just you and your dedication to be a better man for your partner.

Penis extenders : Making It Work

man with bigger penisThere is a certain age along when puberty stops, so does the man’s penis size goes along with it. This is when the concern literally starts, after a man reaches his maximum growth potential in puberty, why does the penis seem to have lagged behind?

Is the development process to be blamed? Or is there something wrong and defective? And the more specific question such as, Are there ways we can do to extend a small sized penis?This may probably what made researchers decide to give men a reason to be hopeful.


A penile extender is a device,comprising of a plastic ring, with 2 dynamic rods that produce traction and a silicon band to hold the penis in place.


The device is worn 4 to 6 hours a day for 6 months. Traction is increased from 600 mg in one month up to 1200 mg until the 6th month.

In a study conducted by researchers from University of Turin Italy, of 21 patients willing to undergo the experiment ,16 were able to finish the 12-month study. The men underwent Psychosexual counselling first to make sure treatment will benefit them in a positive way. Here are the results:


Average Flaccid Penile Length:

From 7.15 cm. (2.82 inches)to 9.45 cm. (3.72 inches) in 12 months = 32% increase

Average Stretched Penile Length:

From 9.62 cm (3.79 inches) to 11.32 cm (4.45 inches) in 12 months = 18 % increase

Average Erectile Function:

From 19.9 out of 30 to 27.1 out of 30 at 12 months – 36% improvement

Penile Girth :

No significant increase which averaged at 10.4 cm (4.09 inches) at baseline.
Four patients discontinued the treatment due to the following reasons:

  • Satisfactory results after 3 months
  • Pain and penile bruising
  • Lack of efficacy and inability to follow the protocol

Satisfaction Levels: On a scale of 0 to 4

Over all satisfaction – 2.8
*Flaccid penile length – 2.31
*Penile length during Erection – 2.37
*Sex Life improvement – 2.3
*Scale is from 0 to 3


Penile extender devices yield effective and reliable lengthening of the penis, both on flaccid and erect state. Some surgical procedures available to enlarge the penis or elongate the shaft have several disadvantages such as ; potential risk of complication, lack of standardized rules, and not to mention procedure is a lot expensive and impractical. It is also believed to have higher patient dissatisfaction especially when patient expectations on penile enlargement are not met. Researchers believe the results were quite significant.

There are currently some self help videos available on line on how to properly and effectively use penis extenders and it’s considered a practical option to solve men problems on the size of their penis. Click on Quick Extender Pro review to check its review and instructions on how to use it. If done properly it could deliver effective and durable results. Some researchers even believe penis extenders should be the first-line treatment option for men seeking penile enlargement and lengthening.

What Can Trigger Hormonal Acne And How Do To Avoid It?

The connection between hormones and acne is as direct as possible. This is why there are a lot of studies going on regarding hormonal acne. At any point in time, you can experience a hormonal imbalance or hormonal change, but if you know what to do, even the worst of acne outbreaks can always be dealt with. With the assistance of specialists like endocrinologists, there are a lot of information that can be gathered about regulating hormones.

What exactly causes hormonal acne?

When your hormones are overactive, they create a substance called sebum, this is the oil on your skin. This can be found on your face, neck, back, shoulders, chest, upper arms, these are where the sebaceous glands are tightly packed. When you have too much sebum on your skin, this traps the dirt and bacteria which can clog up your pores. We all know that bacteria multiplies at a quick rate, when this happens the pores become red, swell up, become tender and inflamed. We all know that hormonal imbalances that can cause acne happens to teenagers during their puberty, what we don’t think is that this doesn’t only happen to teenagers, this can happen to adults as well.

When you are attacked by hormonal acne, it is normal for it to have zits, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. Your skin becomes shiny due to the over production of oil. This normally can occur to both men and women, but women would be more prone to hormonal acne since they have much more chances of getting a hormonal imbalance.

pregnant women with acneSituations such as pregnancy, ovulation, menopause, and menstruation can cause hormonal imbalances. If this happens, you may need to visit a doctor to get a prescription for medicines such as oral corticosteroids. This medicine sows down the production of androgen, which is the main reason for the over production of sebum. Oral contraceptive pills can be given to people with estrogen-progesterone fluctuations that can cause an acne outbreak. These pills however have a change of possible harmful side effects, this means that you should have medical supervision when you are taking these.

Mental stress caused by everyday activities can be a major factor for causing hormonal acne in adults. This would depend on your lifestyle, you should make sure that you have a number of activities that can help manage and release the pent up stress that builds every day. Do not forget to get enough sleep and get involved with a daily exercise routine to help your body take control of the secretion of the hormones.

If you are suffering from obesity, this may also be a cause for your hormonal acne. Excess weight will convert the estrogen your body produces into androgens, which will trigger the over production of sebum. This will make your skin oil and be prone to acne.

Having bad hygiene has nothing to do with the onset of hormonal acne, but it is still a good idea to have a good skin cleansing habit.

Am I Too Old To Have Acne?

acneWhen you say acne, you usually think of it as being one of the struggles teenagers go through. Although for some people, they never actually grow out of it and it carries on during their adult lives. These unlucky few reach their twenties hoping their faces would clear out but in never happens. The sad truth is that for some people, acne will always be there, it can last long enough until you reach your forties and even beyond. Some people never suffer from acne during their teenage years but have sudden acne outbreaks when they are adults, this happens when they get past the age of eighteen. There are many adults who suffer from adult acne outbreaks in their twenties and beyond that. The everyday routines and stress that comes from it often makes it worse.

There are a lot of factors that bring up these acne outbreaks when you become an adult. Women may be more prone to these attacks since they are more exposed to stress due to their lifestyles and the emotional stress they carry every day. They are also prone to have hormonal imbalances, especially during their menstruation and pregnancy.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors may also contribute to the onset of adult acne. If you find that you sweat a lot because you are in a hot environment, this may be a cause for that. You may be working in an environment which exposes your skin to chemical substances which can clog up your pores. These are definitely factors which trigger acne.

  • One way to maintain your skin is to have a good cleansing routine. Cleanse at least twice daily, make sure you use cleansers with salicylic acid. This acid is very effective for skin that is prone to acne and removing dead cells as well. There are a handful of face washes that have this ingredient in them in the market today. Once you’re done with cleansing, you can start moisturizing your face, and then apply a necessary treatment onto your face. Look for the ingredient benzoyl peroxide in products you are looking to purchase.
  • Benzoyl peroxide is especially effective in removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and eliminating the bacteria which causes acne. One good acne product with this ingredient is Exposed Skin Care products.
  • Look for moisturizers which have glycolic acid, this can help with the acne and the aging of the skin. Glycolic acid can penetrate the poser better since is has a smaller molecular structure, this is good to remove an reduce whiteheads and blackheads and will eventually diminish the acne as well. When combine with a goo skin cleanser, they wil be extremely effective in removing acne and making your skin a whole lot better.
  • Getting enough sleep and rest everyday will also help your body in controlling the acne. Having a great exercise routine will release a lot of stress, which is essential for people suffering from acne.
  • Don’t forget to rehydrate as well. Drinking a lot of water everyday will help your body rehydrate an nourish it to combat the acne.

Tips on Choosing the Right Breast Enhancement Product

With the proliferation of the many kinds of breast enhancement products in the market today, it will be easy for you to be tricked into going for a product that doesn’t really work. Before you can be enticed to go for creams and lotions that promise to make your breast two sizes bigger, make sure you get your money’s worth. Here are some of the things that you need to take into consideration before buying one:

1. Know the Ingredients

The first thing that you need to take into consideration before you purchase a breast enhancement cream is the ingredients of the cream itself. In the event that you are being enticed to go for a product that says it has natural ingredients but does not specify what the natural, organic or herbal ingredients are, drop the idea of going for it. If the brand has nothing to hide about its product, it should make its ingredients known.

2. Read Reviews from Credible Websites

woman checking out reviews in the netIn order for you to know more about the product that you are considering, one of the things that you should do is to read the reviews of the product. However, you have to make sure that you read the reviews from a credible review site, and not just the review written on the website of the brand. This is one thing for you to be sure that it is a third-party opinion, and the reviews are not biased at all.

3. Check out the Forums

Apart from reading the reviews, it is also important for you to read through the comments on the forums. By doing so, you will be in the know of the efficacy of the product. Has it really toned the breasts? Are the consumers satisfied? However, you also have to be careful when reading the comments in the forums. It is common for some companies to pay some people to write good comments about their products. Many forums these days display the names of the commenters from their Facebook accounts. Message them and ask about the product.

If you have already determined the product that you want to go for, make sure that you purchase it on the Internet.

What Women Do to Have Bigger Breasts

The popularity of breast-enhancement products and procedures these days only show that women really want to have bigger breasts. One of the reasons for this is that they feel a lot more confident of themselves if they have bigger and fuller breasts. They believe that bigger breasts can increase their sex appeal and beauty. After all, a woman’s strongest weapon is her physical allure. The other reason for this is that they know breast size is a major turn-on for men. The bigger their breasts are, the more that they can make a man go crazy, whether in the process of sex or by simply looking at them. Here are some of the most popular ways how women increase the size of their breasts:

1. Going Under the Knife

Young woman holding breast implantWithout question, in the distant past, the most common way for women to have bigger and fuller breasts was to go under the knife. However, it was eventually discovered that breast implants were not ideal because they pose health hazards. For instance, there were some women who had experienced that the silicone-filled implants that they had ruptured. The rupture proved to be hazardous to their health. Nonetheless, such cases led to the development of safer procedures for breast enhancement although the implants are still silicone-filled.

2. Breast Enhancement Pills

However, more and more women these days rely on breast enhancement pills in order for their breasts to grow bigger and fuller. Some of these breast enlargement pills have herbs as active ingredients. These ingredients act like the female hormone, estrogen, which is known to retain fluids in the breast. Thus, the size of the breast increases. It has also been revealed in studies that birth-control pills are also good at increasing the size of the breasts.

3. Breast Enhancement Creams and Lotions Work

There is no denying that some of the most popular breast-enhancement products that are sold in the market today are the breast enhancement creams and lotions. These creams and lotions contain a certain amount of estrogen that can help women who desire to increase their cup size by two sizes bigger achieve the results that they desire.

Should you decide to purchase breast enhancement pills, creams, or lotions, visit so that you can make the right choice in buying a product that can really work on making your breasts bigger.